Pay Attention: Your Home is Telling You It Needs Deep Cleaning

You’re on your way home after a long, tiring day. You want nothing more than to savor a hot bowl of soup, lounge in your comfiest pajamas, and put your feet up on the couch while watching the next episode of the series you’re binge-watching.

It’s such a sweet end to your day, except that it’s not what happened.

You swung your door open, turned the lights on, and was taken aback by the uninviting aura your home has greeted you.

You’ve been ignoring these six signs your home needs a deep clean, and it now cost you the rest you utterly needed.

Pay Attention: Your Home is Telling You It Needs Deep Cleaning

It has a lingering smell.
Whether you’re aware of it or not, your home gives off a distinct smell upon entering the door. It could be an aroma of coffee, freshly baked cookies, or a home signature scent.

But when this first whiff of air at the swing of your door is an old smelly shoe, a damp towel, or food gone bad, it’s time for you to look for the source of the foul odor, and throw, wash, or scrub.

It's cluttered.  “Nah, I can find my things anyway,” you say as you stare at the mountain of clothes on the ironing board and the mishmash of things on your kitchen counter.

You say that until a friend alerts you of dropping by in an hour, and you shove all things in a storage behind a closed door.

You say that until the mere thought of cleaning and putting things back where they belong is an overwhelming task for you.

It has lost its color. Whether you’re renting or owning a home, you have at least a mental picture of how everything looked like the moment you first settled in. When your floors, walls, or tiles have accumulated dirt and grime and have grown molds that they don’t look like how they used to anymore, it’s time to attend to them soon.

It has become a breeding ground for pests. To share your bedroom, dining room, or kitchen with pests is not only unsightly, but also nasty and unhygienic. They thrive in mountains of long unattended stuff.

Next time you encounter pests in your home, think about whether your home serves you or them more.

It has become the source of your illness. Because if your home serves these unwanted guests pests more than you, chances are, you are nursing a cough or cold that won’t go away. Your allergies may have worsened in the duration of time your home is in complete disarray.

Remember: you retreated to your home in 2020 when a highly contagious virus threatened your and your family’s life. If your home were another source of illness, where else could your safest place be?

It feels off. Your home is your sanctuary. It is your place to rest and recharge. If you begin feeling otherwise, and you can’t pinpoint what it is that doesn’t feel home, welcome the idea that it may be the best time to roll up your sleeves and bring back the warmth and comfort your home once had.


To continue ignoring these signs will not only cost you money; it will also cost you your health, wellness, and peace of mind. Act sooner than later by having a solid cleaning routine or hiring professional cleaners to do the job for you.

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