What Theme Should I Dress Up My Home This Christmas?

September is never too early for us Filipinos to dress up our home for Christmas, even American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey agrees! We know the drill too well: change the drapes and pillowcases, bring out the holiday placemats and tableware, assemble the tree, and hang the ornaments! We have accumulated them over the years, so for a more unified and elegant look, we decide on a theme where all the colors and patterns will be anchored.

Whether this is your first Christmas in your new home or your nth time with your family, we’re sure you’ll need ideas on what theme to have this year. Well, you better not cry, and you better not pout – we’ve got some ideas for you below!

What Theme Should I Dress Up My Home This Christmas?

For the Glam Lover Mixed Metals

Gold, silver, and copper together? Why not! It’s only once a year when your home will turn sparkly, so might as well go all out! Match these with Christmas lights for a more charming and magical touch!

Photo courtesy of @emmanuelbygeloadap on Instagram

For the Whimsical Magenta Pink It’s no surprise if homes will turn pink this Christmas: Barbie the movie was released this year, and Viva Magenta is the Pantone Color of the Year! This theme is not for the faint-hearted: your home will be adorned with hot pink sequins, flamingoes, and a whole lot of fun!

For the Gracious Host A Filipino Christmas If you’re anticipating family and friends from overseas to come back home for the holidays, welcome them to your home with all things Pinoy! Decorate using native elements such as banig, rattan, and sinamay, source out Philippine-made ornaments, and proudly display Filipino artistry in your home! Don’t you think a Pinoy-Christmas spread is in order, too?

Photo courtesy of @diannekhudesigns on Instagram

For the Environmental Advocate Woodland Vibes The essence of this theme is almost no-spend décor for one-time use, so rummage your storage room first for anything you can reuse! Take cues from the greens and browns of your Christmas tree and/or feel free to work with actual branches and leaves. Add elements in earth-tone colors, and if you have kids, their stuffed squirrels, foxes, bears, and deer would work well as accents!

For the Sweet Tooth Candy Cane Stripes The red, green, and white stripes give us Christmas vibes, and make you crave candy canes almost instantaneously! While you will heavily rely on ribbons and fabrics of this pattern to achieve this theme, don’t forget that actual candy canes in clear glass jars make incredible decorations, too!

Photo courtesy of @itsmemarshaaaaa on Instagram

For the Vintage Enthusiast Farmhouse Christmas Bring back the old times with wood signs and crates, tin cans, enamel mugs, and ginghams and plaids! Mimic the fireplace for the complete look, and while you’re at it, bring out your vinyl and play some farmhouse Christmas music!

For the Christmas-phile Winter Wonderland Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening… The lyrics of the song, “Winter Wonderland” already give you an idea of how to carry out this theme! White and crystal ornaments reminiscent of snow are your friends, and the white snowy owls, deer, and bear are your accents! This theme’s clean look will always feel inviting for a warm cup of chocolate!

Photo courtesy of @eventiquemanila on Instagram

For the Sentimental Family Travels Got enough of your revenge travel this year? Print those pictures and hang them on your Christmas tree and wreaths! Display the postcards and trinkets you got from each of the places you’ve visited, and watch how they become instant conversation pieces in your get-togethers!



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