Who is Familist?

We’re an online resource that empowers parents to make the best decision for their families. Whether it’s learning more about a parenting style, researching about healthier meal plans, or choosing the best school for their kids, we always give parents a better perspective on things. Going through our content will feel like a warm hug of affirmation and a step away from parental overwhelm. We also tackle real and pressing issues that affect the family–inflation, news, hunger, gender–and tackling it from a perspective of a parent. We are never imposing, but also never indifferent.

For parents to choose the best for their families, it means that they need to make wiser decisions for themselves, too. We talk about motherhood and fatherhood through real stories because parental tasks are never easy. Supporting parents as individuals and making them feel heard and seen is one step closer to being better parents to their kids. We present real families with real struggles and real triumphs, and we hope that you find a home here.

Welcome to Familist!

Social Handle: @familist.ph

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