Is it Safe to Exercise While Breastfeeding?

Here’s the good news, breastfeeding momma: your body burns around 500-700 calories in a day for milk production, which means that you don’t need as much effort to reduce fat cells in your body postpartum.

However, breastfeeding is not a substitute for exercise. You need exercise after giving birth not only for weight loss, but more importantly for reducing aches and pains, strengthening your muscles, and improving your mood! Ask your doctor when you can start to get back to any of these postpartum exercises:

Is it Safe to Exercise While Breastfeeding?

Diaphragmatic Breathing
The demands of being a new mom can be really stressful for you, so it’s always best for you to take some time off from your daily routine to recenter yourself through breathing exercises.

You may do abdominal or belly breathing while lying or sitting, which may be convenient for you to do before or after breastfeeding. You may start doing it for about 5 to 10 minutes thrice a day, and see how you get better at it with practice. This will help decrease your stress levels – as a breastfeeding mom, this is important so your baby doesn’t absorb any worry and anxiety you feel!

One of the keys to postpartum fitness while breastfeeding is low-impact exercise. This kind of exercise helps your heart rate gradually increase without putting so much pressure on your joints. Walking also improves your posture since breastfeeding while sitting or lying down can strain your back.

You can take your baby out for a walk for a few minutes, and gradually increase your walking time daily depending on your doctor’s advice. Do your first one ever so slowly and cautiously, as a kind message to your body.

The environment you put yourself in after birth affects not just your physical body, but also your mental state. This is why swimming is recommended for you, because water provides the calming and healing qualities your body needs, and you can exercise your muscles with it minus all the pressure.

Swimming can also improve your mood and sleeping habits, a need for breastfeeding mommas like you!

Pay attention to your body as you breastfeed. More often than not, it puts your body in a closed position rather than an open one.

Pilates will greatly help a breastfeeding mom as it gives your body a good stretch while strengthening your core muscles. It will also help you relieve back pain from staying in one breastfeeding position for a long time.

Exercising while breastfeeding can help you become more attuned to your body’s changing needs. You may also use it as an excuse to get out of your breastfeeding-friendly clothes for a short while! Remember to be kind to yourself as you exercise postpartum, and take note that everything is safe and good when done in moderation.

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