To the Mom Who Wants to Stop Breastfeeding

Dear Breastfeeding Mom,

You’ve heard yourself say you want to stop breastfeeding one too many times. You’ve struggled with long nights and persistent back aches. You’ve cried in pain and endured painful latches. You didn’t think you’ll make it this far, but you did.

If you feel like wanting to stop breastfeeding anytime soon, you’re not alone.

And this letter is for you.

To the Mom Who Wants to Stop Breastfeeding

Time may not be on your side now, but one day, it will be.
You’ve often wondered when you and your baby will sleep through the night. You’re growing tired of the frequent waking up and you crave for rest more than anything in the world. In the morning, your work is always interrupted by your child’s feeding. You want to accomplish things as fast as you can, but breastfeeding emphatically slows you down.

But one day, when all the breastfeeding sessions are over, you’ll have all the time to do the things you want to do. For now, embrace this reality you get to experience as long as you can.

The pain you feel will just be a part of your story. You’ve heard the journey’s going to be hard, but you had no idea how much until you’re already in it. But the physical pain – and all the mental and emotional load that go with it – are all part of the story you’re going to share.

Your breastfeeding story is a love story your little one will never get tired of listening to, and an inspirational story many moms will aspire to create.

I promise that you’ll feel yourself again one day.
You’re not the only one who feels detached from yourself when you couldn’t wear your favorite clothes anymore. Motherhood has changed you in so many ways and it stings to be reminded that you can’t be all that you were before this time. You believe you’ll be more fulfilled with an advanced degree or a dream career, but the demands of breastfeeding put all of these in the backseat.

One day, mom, you’ll get to hold the steering wheel of your days once more.

Trust that you’re doing the right thing at the right time.
Listen to what your mind and heart are telling you to do. You know you have every reason to stop, but here you are. I honor your presence. I honor you showing up.

I see you fight to keep the connection between you and your baby. I see you put your baby’s comfort ahead of yours. I see you preserving quality time with him through breastfeeding.

But if ever you decide to stop soon, know that it’s all okay as well. You’re the mother. You know best.

No matter what you choose, you will always be a good mom.

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