7 Things We Love about the 2024 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Manila!

Big Bad Wolf book sale is back in Manila!

You know what this means: aisles of books at bargain prices, and endless bonding moments and learning experiences with your family await.

Despite its yearly conduct of book fair here in Metro Manila, Big Bad Wolf 2024 is still very much anticipated by parents, families, and book lovers!

Read on to find out what we love about it.

7 Things We Love about the 2024 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Manila!

Admission is free!

With so many titles to check, it’s a relief we can always go back to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale whenever we want to! It officially opens to the public on May 24 and closes its doors on June 2. You may visit anytime from 10am-12mn!

Just scan and register this code in advance to enter the fair, and make sure to have your registration saved in your phone since they also ask for it in the counter before you pay!

Photo courtesy of Big Bad Wolf Philippines

There’s a wide selection of children’s books.

Whether you’re expecting parents, first time parents, or toddler and teen parents, there’s something for you at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! Upon entering the venue on the 3rd floor of Parqal Mall, you’ll be welcomed by tables and tables of children’s books labeled accordingly, with a price guide corresponding to the letters found on the price tags.

Board books, sticker books, activity books, workbooks, sound books and more are available for you to choose from! There’s definitely no shortage of fun and learning – both for children and adults – at the book fair.

Of course, there’s also a huge area for adults and professionals!

One of the things I love about this year’s location is that it forced a separation between children’s books and adult books. This way, you’re not overwhelmed with the wide array of choices and you can focus more on your treasure hunt!

As soon as you enter the area for adult books, you’ll see the Crime Thriller and Young Adult genres. To the left side of Crime Thriller, you’ll find Science Fiction, Literature, Romance, and more.

To the right of the Young Adult genre, you’ll find Biography, Business, Self-Help, Travel, among others!

You can get lucky in the Lucky Finds corner!

While most of the tables carry books organized into genres, there are ones labeled “Lucky Finds” where you’ll find books arranged with spines facing you. Bring a lot of patience as you just don’t know what gem you can find just by spending time in it!

Take a look at what I found for my toddler:

Local books are available, too.

Right before you pay for your haul at the cashier, you’ll see local titles on the left side of the room. Fiction and reference materials for both children and adults are available, a call for all of us to also give space to our very own titles and authors in our home libraries.

It provides accessibility to books and learning.

Did you know that Big Bad Wolf is also a channel for donating books?

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is a partner donee of Big Bad Wolf 2024 in Manila. Books were turned over to the DSWD during the opening program on the VIP Day.

Twenty new “Wolfies,” or former street children from the Residential Care Center were present to receive the donations. According to DSWD Undersecretary of Legislative Affairs Fatima Aliah Dimaporo, the books will be distributed to the vulnerable sectors across the Philippines so they can also achieve better quality of life through reading.

Moreover, she said that¬†books give the kind of hope that initiates change. They also “spark one’s soul” and make us “believe in ourselves.”

In our participation in the book fair, we don’t only buy ourselves tools to learn and be entertained. We’re also joining a movement.

It’s not just a book fair, but an ongoing mission.¬†

“It started with a dream to change the world one book at a time,” Carol Chuaying, the Big Bad Wolf Books Philippine Managing Partner, fondly recalls. Their dream eventually gave birth to a mission to reach one million new readers for the Philippines through the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

She believes that books can change lives and that they can bridge people together.

Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino echoes this by believing that Big Bad Wolf encourages not only improvement in knowledge, but also greater change in society.

For Andrew Yap, Big Bad Wolf co-founder, they’ve moved a thousand steps forward since the last Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Manila. He trusts in its significant mission, and targets 3 million new readers in the years to come.

Let us know in the comments section when you’re visiting the fair and what you plan to get!

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