5 Tips to Beat the Heat and Save Electricity this Summer

Summer is here, and along with it comes the scorching heat that can send our electricity bills soaring high!

As parents, we want to keep our homes cool and comfortable for our families, but we also need to be mindful of energy usage to save on costs and reduce our carbon footprint.

Fear not! Here are five family-friendly tips to help you keep cool while saving on electricity this summer.

5 Tips to Beat the Heat and Save Electricity this Summer

Embrace Natural Ventilation

One of the simplest and most effective ways to cool down your home without cranking up the air conditioner is to harness the power of natural ventilation. Open windows to create a cross breeze, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home. Encourage your kids to spend time outdoors during the cooler parts of the day, and let the gentle breeze flow through your house, naturally cooling it down.

Optimize Your Air Conditioner

While it’s tempting to set the air conditioner to cooler temperatures during the humid summer months, doing so can significantly increase your electricity bill.

Instead, set your AC units to a moderate temperature, ideally around 25-26°C, which is comfortable without overworking your AC unit. Additionally, make sure your air conditioner is properly maintained by regularly cleaning or replacing filters to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Consider Lighter Wall Colors and Sheer Curtains

Did you know that the color of your walls and curtains can affect the temperature inside your home?

Opting for lighter wall colors, such as soft pastels or neutrals, can help reflect sunlight and keep rooms cooler during the summer months. Similarly, choosing light-colored curtains or sheer curtains allows natural light to filter in while still providing privacy. By keeping your home’s interior light and bright, you can reduce the need for artificial lighting and lower your energy consumption.

Consider cost-efficient family trips

Spending a few hours at the mall or a kids’ play place not only provides a welcome respite from the heat but can also help lower your electricity bill. Malls and indoor play areas are typically air-conditioned, allowing your family to stay cool while enjoying activities and entertainment. Plan a family outing to the mall or a nearby indoor play area a few times a week to give your AC a break and lower your electricity usage.

Also consider it a fun family excursion rather than just a way to save on energy!

Practice Energy-Saving Habits

Encourage your family to adopt energy-saving habits that can make a big difference in reducing electricity consumption.

Remind everyone to turn off lights, fans, and electronics when not in use, and unplug chargers and appliances that are not actively being used to prevent energy vampire drain. Consider investing in energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting, which consume less electricity and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.


With these five simple yet effective tips, you can keep your family cool and comfortable while saving on electricity bill this summer. You’ll not only lower your energy costs but also contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. So, go ahead, beat the heat, and enjoy a summer filled with savings and fun family adventures!

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