Not “Just” at Home: Moms Share What It’s Really Like to Do Remote Work

Thanks to companies that offer work-from-home setup, many moms nowadays are able to contribute to their family’s finances and witness their child’s milestones at the same time. However, given all the privileges this setup brings, work-from-home moms don’t necessarily have it easier.

Since their home has become the same place for pursuing a career and raising a family, moms may not enjoy the rest and relaxation their home is expected to bring.

Here are four realities work-from-home (WFH) moms shared on our #AsktheFam on socials.

Not "Just" at Home: Moms Share What It's Really Like to Do Remote Work

They turn nights into days.

Moms may be relieved of long drives or commute to the office, but they don’t exactly have the luxury in choosing their work schedule. This is the case for WFH moms who work night shifts.

The silver lining about Mommy Kim Catalan Jumarang’s setup is that her husband also works from home. Because of this, she and her husband take turns in looking after their child.

I cover mornings until siesta time and then my husband takes care of our kid when she wakes up from siesta while I sleep from the afternoon until evening. At night, after our kid goes to sleep, I then work, manage our small business, and do chores. Mommy Kim

It can get really tiring to work on this schedule on a daily basis, but moms got to do what moms got to do!

They go through several trials-and-errors.

Mommy Erilou Tabanda-Villaflor is a first-time mom who, like many, initially found it a challenge to ease back to work after her maternity leave. Despite the hybrid setup offered at work, she had a lot of questions in mind.

When should I pump? When should we nurse? When should he feed from the bottle? What if he cries so loud while I’m on a meeting? Mommy Erilou

She and her family got that hang of it seven months later. Mommy Erilou realized that it’s ok to not be tied to a specific schedule. She continued to find strategies that will work for her and her family, and also found her rhythm with the help of her husband who had to “level up his game not just as a dad but as a husband too.”

I guess it’s really being able to ensure moments of deep connection with my baby, being kind to myself by choosing my battles, and being good teammates with my husband. Mommy Erilou

Meanwhile, Mommy Kim Balayan Adarlo had to deal with the changes of being in a full time WFH setup from day shift to night shift. Needless to say, her adjustment with the schedule, most especially with a newborn, was a challenge.

It was very hard for me as my body clock changes every weekend. I lacked a lot of sleep and got sick. I was sent to the emergency room for the first time and left my baby with my parents. Thankfully he was already almost 2 years old at that time and was mix feeding. Mommy Kim

Mommy Kim shared that their night shifts eventually ended when she was asked to go on hybrid. So she tried her hands on freelancing and starting a small business. Later on, she found the work from home job that perfectly suits her needs and schedule.

I now work from home from 7am-4pm. I sometimes miss dressing up and going to the office, spending time with my friends, but those compare nothing when I see my son so happy seeing me home. Mommy Kim

They are always on call. 

When a mom works from home, there’s no telling when exactly she needs to switch to another hat. Take it from Mommy Rozelle Joie who was forced to suddenly take on a role she initially didn’t sign up for.

During the pandemic, I took on the role of homeschool teacher, diving into the world of preschool education with my little one. Mommy Rozell Joie

It’s a new territory many moms braved. Despite the long nights of learning how to teach and attending to her work, she also learned to find the balance and managed to find little comic reliefs to ease her day.

Balancing work and life can be a real challenge, but I’ve learned to find joy in the unexpected, like my son popping up in my Zoom meetings just to say hi to everyone – it’s become a regular highlight! Mommy Rozell Joie

They win battles not everyone knows about

What could go wrong when a mindful and determined mom decides to continue working after learning she’s pregnant?

Mommy PJ de Guzman-Capoy learned the answer to this question the hard way. In one of her Bulacan-Manila-Bulacan travel required for work, she slightly bled, was confined in a hospital, and was advised to stop working.

I asked for leave of absence, but eventually decided to resign. During those times, I was depressed. I wasn’t working for two months already, and I felt like there was something missing in me. Mommy PJ

She prayed for a work from home job that will give her the income she needed. Three days later, Mommy PJ received an email for a job interview she didn’t even apply for. She got the job a week after. She even got a three-week leave for rest after her pregnancy before she took on the job!

Now, I have a one-year-old daughter. I juggle being a wife, a momma, and a full time work-from-home manager. Mommy PJ

For Mommy Marga who has six kids, remote work is truly a blessing as it allows her to do more chores, spend more time with her kids, and save a lot of money for the family. However, she does this at the expense of a person she used to know: herself.

I became more introvert. When the hybrid setup started, I felt anxious about seeing other people. Although I was able to overcome that, I still get a little nervous when going to the office. Mommy Marga

Work from home moms go through incalculable pains and have to overcome struggles they may or may not speak of. At the end of the day, their drive to continue another day comes from this profound truth:

It's a real struggle juggling work and being a mother, but I always remind myself that no matter what, I am a mother first. Mommy Marga

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