This is How Much Breastfeeding Can Cost in 2024

Breastfeeding may look like an instinctive decision for many parents, but it always comes with a discussion on how much it will cost. Many regard breastfeeding as “free,” but in order for a breastfeeding mom to have an easier and more comfortable breastfeeding journey, parents must also prepare to shell out a good sum from their budget.

Here’s a breakdown of the actual costs that may be involved in breastfeeding:

This is How Much Breastfeeding Can Cost in 2024

(Note: Prices are based on, a platform that consumers can use to find the “cheapest and trustworthy offers” online, so they can “make a more informed purchase decision.” Some facts and figures are also counter-checked with individual brands. Price also varies according to brand and location of product suppliers.)

Food and Lactation Goodies Breastfeeding mothers need additional 330 to 400 kilocalories per day, and they need to get this through the help of nutritious food. Postpartum nutrition should not be taken lightly, as two people depend on only one body. However, to be able to achieve this, moms need to be more practical when going grocery shopping.

Aside from these, breastfeeding moms may also be given prescriptions on lactation supplements, and may be allowed to take lactation goodies.

Breastfeeding Home Support The home should also be prepared as much as a mother’s body gets ready for breastfeeding. With long hours of direct latching and/or pumping, mothers need all the physical support they can get from the right home items.

Breastfeeding Tools For breastfeeding moms who opt to pump their milk so they can get more sleep and/or go to work after their maternity leave, written above are the essential tools they need to secure.

Breastfeeding Garments and Accessories Since breastfeeding is on demand, moms need a change in wardrobe, at least for the time she will spend to breastfeed. While there are really affordable ones in the market, there are also pricier ones because of the fabric, make, and brand.

Breast / Nipple Care Chapped and sore nipples are inevitable, and it’s important for moms to also secure first aid remedies, for continued and more comfortable breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Consultations First time moms and breastfeeding moms who encounter continued challenges in breastfeeding need regular consultation with a lactation consultant. Since breastfeeding affects the health of both mom and baby, it is advisable that moms consult practitioners than just rely on what they read and/or what fellow moms tell them.

The given rates above depend on the doctor, the clinic/hospital, and location.

Breastfeeding Opportunity Cost The biggest sacrifice a breastfeeding mom makes is her time. Her time breastfeeding and/or pumping milk may be spent on compensated work, side hustles, and any other job that require going outside the home. These are missed opportunities for moms to grow their career and help contribute to the family expenses.

However, despite this opportunity cost and the cost they bring out of the pocket, moms still choose to breastfeed their little ones for its physical and emotional benefits.

Hands down to all breastfeeding moms this Women’s Month!

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