7 Tips for a Successful Tandem Breastfeeding Journey

To breastfeed one child already needed your full commitment, Mom, as the entire journey has its own peaks and valleys. To breastfeed two children at the same time or one after the other takes this commitment to an entirely different level, for the demand is higher, physical pain is more stretched, and emotional rollercoaster is more asserted.

Momma, congratulations on another beautiful baby, and welcome to your journey in tandem breastfeeding! Despite the hurdles that you anticipate, let’s celebrate the wonders our body can do through breastfeeding not just one, but two!

Here are our tips for you in this amazing season in your life:

7 Tips for a Successful Breastfeeding Journey

Take the extra calories.
Producing breastmilk requires a lot of energy from your body. Breastfeeding one child already needs an additional 330 to 400 kilocalories a day from you, so expect that breastfeeding two kids need twice that amount! Get your extra 800 to 1,000 kilocalories from healthy and well-balanced meals, and avoid eating junk food just to feel full. Don’t forget to also increase your water intake.

Give up the chores.
Ahh, finally. If you strongly feel you are required to attend to house chores after your first delivery for whatever reason, now you need to prioritize rest and sleep whenever you can. The exhaustion from breastfeeding two children can take a toll on your body, and may affect your milk supply. It’s time to take asking for help more seriously, because you and your kids will definitely benefit from your Zs.

Have your pillows close by.
If you made sure you have a nursing pillow before your first child was born, know that with two nursing kids, you will need more pillows with you! You don’t necessarily have to have more u-shaped pillows, but extra pillows will help you achieve the most comfortable position when nursing, most especially when your two kids nurse at the same time.

Be patient with your firstborn.
Your firstborn is undergoing emotional changes as much as you do. Having to welcome a younger member of the family that takes the time and affection that used to be all his is not the best feeling in the world for your toddler. Extend patience, and allow breastfeeding to maintain your closeness and promote their sibling closeness as well.

Let your kids’ health be your guide.
Just like in breastfeeding your firstborn, there will be a lot of naysayers in your tandem breastfeeding journey. You will hear a lot of comments on letting your first wean instead so you won’t have to go through your tough battles every day. The choice is always entirely up to you, but don’t let it get influenced by the naysayers. If you see your kids greatly benefit from breastfeeding and you know you are determined to breastfeed your two kids, there’s no reason for you to stop just yet!

Consult your doctor.
However, if tandem breastfeeding costs you a lot more than you think you’re giving your kids, consult your doctor on the next best steps you should do. The choice to continue tandem breastfeeding or weaning your firstborn is entirely up to you, but make sure that both your kids receive the nutrition they need for their age no matter your decision.

Check on your own well-being.
With two children nursing, you will feel like your body is not your own anymore. Do whatever you can to feel good, Momma! You’re doing a great job and nothing can take that fact away from you.

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