This is the Breast Pump for Every Stage of your Breastfeeding Journey

I am a breastfeeding mom and a huge advocate of breastfeeding beyond the recommended six months. I must admit that as a first-time mom, shopping for breastfeeding essentials before giving birth was completely overwhelming for me. I didn’t really know what I needed aside from a comfortable chair, a nursing pillow, and a few breastfeeding-friendly tops. Browsing through breast pumps online only made me think, “Do I really need this?” over and over. I just realized a few days into breastfeeding how my days would have been easier had I purchased an efficient breast pump for long-term use!

This is why I’m grateful for brands that make shopping for breast pumps easy and simple. imani, a reliable and innovative Korean brand, recently released the imani iBox Wearable and Hospital-Grade Breast Pump that supports the growing and changing needs of moms in every stage of their breastfeeding journey. This sounds so exciting to me, so let me share with you what I learned about how this breast pump provides long-term support to breastfeeding moms like me!

This is the breast pump for every stage of your breastfeeding journey

Stage 1 It helps new moms establish their milk supply.

The beginning is always the hardest, and this largely applies to breastfeeding. I know this because as a first-time mom, I was also unsure about my milk supply when my baby and I were starting on our journey. Many first-time moms have the same dilemma, but the good news is, the imani iBox breast pump offers the pumping support necessary for us new moms to establish our milk supply.

This is how Mommy @ayualano’s post-pumping session looks like.

The iBox hospital-grade motor is a compact system that allows the i2 plus motors to charge without the messy wires! It also stores them safely after use. The on and off button, and buttons for selecting modes and switching vacuum levels are found in the middle of the box, making it easier for us to use.

How does it work? The iBox has a unique triple-pump system that offers a two-way use: first, we can combine all three motors for a hospital-grade performance. This means that the two small motors sit firmly on the iBox, and the tube connecting the box to the wearable breast pumps is intact. Second, moms can detach the two wearable pump motors for on-the-go pumping.

With the imani iBox, multitasking becomes easier! Take it from Mommy @nipnook

Need to pump while traveling? imani iBox has got you! Right, Mommy @dearmarspauline?

We moms also have the option to use the wearable pump on one side while we nurse the baby on the other. The imani iBox offers no stress, no hassle, and all the convenience! What else will we be looking for, right?

Stage 2 It helps working moms achieve work-motherhood balance.

It has always been a privilege for me to be able to work from home, so I can monitor and breastfeed my baby on demand. However, since I absolutely have no control over when she gets hungry, her feeding time might fall simultaneously with my online meetings and classes. These are some of the challenges I have that imani also saw, so the iBox system comes to my rescue through its discreet double pump feature.

Hands on wheels? No problem! @kaeceedelarosa does hands-free pumping right!  

Also, for many of my mom friends who have to physically report to work in the office, the iBox breast pump empowers them to attend to their breastfeeding duties while at work. The on-the-go feature will cater to their pumping needs whether they’re driving on the way to work or in a private lactation room at work.

Stage 3 It helps moms maintain their milk supply for extended breastfeeding.

I am now in my ninth month of breastfeeding, and truth be told, it’s the first time in my journey that I started to worry about maintaining my milk supply. I aim to breastfeed for as long as I can, and it’s a relief for me to know that imani is a trusted partner even at this stage of my breastfeeding journey and beyond!

Mommy @ayualano builds her milk stash, one pumping session at a time.

Its hospital-grade performance ensures that moms like me will not worry about sustaining our milk production. The fact that I can bring this anywhere to pump and I can really use this for the long-haul is such a win for me, too!

Follow imani on Facebook and Instagram to know more about its products, and check out their website to learn more about the wide range of products they offer for moms!

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