We Found the Breast Pump That Will Give You More Milk in Less Time!

As a first time mom with a long list of to-dos, I’m always on the lookout for tools that will help me be more efficient. There are emails to read, online meetings to attend to, classes to schedule, household to manage, and a baby to feed! With unpredictable schedules and packed days, I need all the help I can get to perform my career and motherhood duties the best way I can. And I just love it when support comes in the shape of products designed by modern working moms! After all, it takes moms to fully understand moms, right?

When I heard that Motif Medical, a brand established by a team of working moms, medical professionals, and engineers, in North Carolina, USA, is now available in the Philippines, ahhh, I couldn’t wait to know more about it. A breastfeeding mom like me is definitely interested in their brand’s flagship product, the Luna breast pump, since it claims that it can produce “more milk in less time.” Who wouldn’t want that?! Read more about what I’ve learned about this brand and product and while you’re at it, you must know that Motif Medical is offering an introductory price of up to 25% off until May 31, 2023!

We Found the Breast Pump That Will Give You More Milk in Less Time!

It works hard so we could work less. My days are almost always eventful. I usually just have a short amount of time for pumping milk, or I do it simultaneously with my online classes. It’s a relief that Motif Medical saw moms like me and responded to my need in the form of the hard working and powerful Motif Luna Double Electric Breast Pump. I like that Luna doesn’t need more work and extra attention so I can focus on doing my other tasks more. I also don’t have to worry about Luna waking my baby, as the light and sound it produces are soft enough to not draw her attention. Although Luna has a hospital-grade suction that makes it powerful, it is balanced with multiple Massage and Expression Modes that I can adjust according to my body’s comfort. With its performance, I can surely produce “More Milk in Less Time.”

Here’s a plus: “More Milk in Less Time” is research-based. When I became a mom, I appreciated people who listen to me all the more. This is why I appreciate it that Motif Medical teamed up with a research company so they can listen to real moms as they use the Luna, and so they can understand if Luna really comes up with “More Milk in Less Time.” According to the study, moms get frustrated when they don’t express much milk with their breast pump, or they don’t have enough time to express milk. The results were compelling: 5 out of 6 moms are getting more milk in less time, and 9 out of 10 preferred Luna to their current pump. This is a game changer for moms like me whose only time for pumping are during breaks, or in the vehicles on the way to work!

Motif Luna Double Electric Breast Pump, PHP 16,880
Special introductory price: PHP 12,660


It fits my on-the-go lifestyle.  We’ve long said goodbye to heavy and bulky gadgets, and we’ve learned that almost everything can be done while we’re on the move – so there’s no reason why we should stick to bulky mom gears that will require another bag, right? The Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump is lightweight and portable, perfect for my travels to multiple workplaces! It weighs less than a pound, and also has a rechargeable battery that can be used for over 2.5 hours, just about right for my busy schedule!

Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump, PHP 9,980
Special introductory price: PHP 7,485


Aside from these hardworking breast pumps, Motif Medical also took note of the importance of making moms feel their best. Because whenever I’m at my prime, it’s easy for me to be on top of my game. Read more to find out why Motif Medical’s line of garments is a must-have for us moms:

It gives the right amount of support and confidence. When I was still pregnant, I made sure everything I wear is comfortable, as it impacts my confidence when facing colleagues in meetings and students in online classes. With all the changes happening in my body then, the right innerwear is the only answer to my self-confidence dilemmas! I needed a band meant to give the support I need for my back and hips, and one that is made with breathable fabric because the temperature here in the Philippines is another huge weight to carry! I would have also loved a discreet band so I can still power dress from three to nine months of pregnancy. It’s a good thing Motif Pregnancy Support Bands are available for pregnant moms in the Philippines now.

Pregnancy Support Band, PHP 2,880
Special introductory price: PHP 2,448

It will help regain strength postpartum. Childbirth via c-section temporarily halted my on-the-go lifestyle. Days were spent mostly on resting and breastfeeding, and even those two things need slower-paced movements from me so I can recover fast. Since I’m a first time mom and I have no prior experience of post-surgery, I believe recovery garments would have also been a big help so I could have felt more stable in the first few weeks of my recovery. Now that Motif Medical is in the Philippines, c-section moms would regain their strength fast with Motif Postpartum Recovery Garment.

Postpartum Recovery Garment, PHP 4,880
Special introductory price: PHP 4,148

If you want to learn more about Motif Medical and its products, follow them on Instagram. You may also avail of their products at 40% off at the Momzilla Fair happening on May 20-21, 2023 at SM Aura.

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