How a Breastfeeding Mom’s Life Really Looks Like

Every pregnant mom must have heard of “Get as much sleep as you can now,” “Prepare yourself for sleepless nights” and every version of it from their mom relatives and friends. I know this for sure because I had a good share of that valuable advice since the onset of my third trimester.

My life took a 180-degree turn the moment we brought our baby home. True enough, the sleepless nights with no end in sight kicked off! While breastfeeding definitely made our nights longer and our eyebags deeper, it’s not all there is to a breastfeeding mom’s life. There are a lot of light, fun, and heartwarming moments, too! If you’re curious about what really happens, allow me to give you an idea!

How a Breastfeeding Mom's Life Really Looks Like

You do things a little faster and much quieter than usual
I miss the times I can leisurely eat my meals and take a bath at my own pace. Now, I have to be more mindful of the time when I do each of them, or else! I thank my husband and my mom for holding the fort while I do each of these activities, but there are just moments when my baby inevitably cries in the middle of my bath or meal. When it happens, it’s either I move much faster when bathing, or completely drop my meal for the time being. Did you know that I have to move much quieter too, so my daughter won’t wake right away?

You get more conscious of what you put in and on your body I remember days of old when I preferred fried and easy-to-prepare food. Now, I take in as much soup with malunggay as I can. They’re heroes of my breastfeeding journey! I also make it a point to keep myself hydrated because take it from me, a breastfeeding mom is always hungry and thirsty! Aside from what I put in my body, I also became more mindful of what I put on it. Because I don’t want my baby to breathe in strong scents, I had to switch to baby-friendly body wash and lotion, and I wash my clothes using baby-friendly detergent, too!

You become more madiskarte Have you ever tried getting anything with your feet? Ask a breastfeeding mom and she’ll tell you she does it a lot! With both hands busy on the baby and the boob, there’s no free hand to reach the phone, remote control, or anything else you might need while the baby’s latching. Also, you try as much as you can to do things ahead of time, so it won’t get in the way of baby’s feeding time. For example, I start and finish some work at ungodly hours just so I’m sure that when baby needs to feed, my full attention is on her.

You’re ready to nurse (and pump) anytime, anywhere With the consent of my baby’s pediatrician, my husband and I started going out with our baby last month. That only meant I must be ready to nurse when her hunger pangs strike! I’ve never felt anxious or embarrassed to feed her in public because I know I am providing for one of my baby’s primary needs. Hello naysayers, I’m one proud breastfeeding momma!

You become a more selfless person Breastfeeding requires a lot of time and effort. When I say time and effort, I mean it! During the first few weeks, I’d find it hard to focus while breastfeeding because thoughts of more sleep, unfinished chores, and pending work all come to mind. I slowly learned how to really focus on what’s in front of me. So when I breastfeed, I try as much as I can to drop everything because the whole point of what I’m doing is to attend to my hungry little one! It takes so much effort to put yourself in the back seat and dedicate your entire self to another human being, at least for one breastfeeding session. While time seems to stretch, seeing your baby smile, knowing he or she is full, or finally putting him or her to sleep will surely make you feel that everything is right in the world.

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  1. More than 3 years of exclusively breastfeeding my son and I can say it is all so worth it. No signs of weaning yet, so more padede days to go! <3

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