Mom and Dad Worked Their Handmade Magic for Laurent’s Up-Inspired Birthday Shoot!

Despite the travel restrictions, Mom Sandra and Dad Matt managed to go on an adventure to celebrate Laurent’s second birthday. How did they pull it off safely and on a budget? They D.I.Y.ed almost all the details, from designing and painting the Disney/Pixar movie Up-inspired studio backdrop to sewing Laurent’s adorable Russell the Wilderness Explorer costume, this hands-on duo did a superb job! Not only artistic, but wise as well, they chose Up as the theme because of one the significance of one of the lessons learned from the movie—the destination is not always as important as the journey, and sometimes the doing can be more important than the result.

Laurent's Up-Inspired Birthday Shoot!

While this definitely took effort to execute, we can only imagine it was worth it because of how much cheer the fun crafts and colorful balloons brought into their home in the days leading and following Laurent’s birthday. Let these vibrant photos by Plam Photography take you on journey not too far away from home, proving that there are endless possibilities when you don’t let its four walls limit your creativity.


Photographer: Plam Photography

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