Baby’s Big One: Why the First Birthday Bash Matters (Even if Kids Won’t Remember) + Giveaway!

Under the canopy of warm colors and the elegance of tassel-accentuated native chandeliers, family, friends, and guests gathered in a huge hall dressed in Filipino-Mexican details for Hermosa Filipina’s first birthday.

In the years to come, she would not have any recollection of these well-thought of details nor of this grand celebration. However, her family, with her parents Mommy Maja and Daddy James at the helm, still chose to give her only the best they’ve got.

But why does the first birthday bash really matter?

Mommy Maja shares her reasons, and how her entire family, together with her team at Passion Cooks, curated a celebration that speaks volumes of milestones and miracles, family values, and love for sharing good food.

As a token of gratitude for Mosi’s First Birthday, Passion Cooks is giving away a set menu for a lucky reader to share with his/her loved ones. Check out the end of this post for the complete mechanics!

Baby's Big One: Why the First Birthday Bash Matters (Even if Kids Won't Remember) + Giveaway!

It’s a milestone for both mom and baby.

As a woman gives birth to her child, she also gives birth to herself as a mother. This is true not only for the first time, but for every time she becomes a vessel of a new life. To give birth to and to take care of a baby for the second time is not necessarily easier, but a mom faces the long days anyway, and finds a much stronger version of herself one year later. This makes her child’s first birthday hers, too.

Mommy Maja gave birth to Hermosa Filipina, or Mosi, 10 years after she gave birth to her first child Yuna. With the length of time that passed, she had to relearn the basics of being a first-time mom.

"From breastfeeding to numerous baby care concerns, I sought help from family and friends. By God’s grace, we were able to establish a routine which allowed me to continue working and homeschooling alongside caring for a baby. Having another baby after 10 long years is something special and sort of a miracle. This being a gift from above is a milestone in itself." Mommy Maja

Mosi’s story is tied to her mother’s, and her first birthday also marks Mommy Maja’s first year as a mom of two. This only calls for a grand celebration.

"Daddy James thought of a Filipino fiesta party; this idea was drawn from Mosi’s second name, Filipina. Since all the decorations were created by our team, we started preparing three months before her party." Mommy Maja

From the entrance arc showcasing Filipino elements, to the bright colors of the hall marrying Filipino warmth and Mexican cheer, down to the meticulous details of matching flower centerpieces and Mosi’s sari-sari store, the party was picture-perfect at every angle, and a heartwarming sight to behold.

It's a mark of a new beginning. 

A child’s first 12 months is an exciting time of many firsts – first word, first solid meal, first time to sit and stand, and the list goes on. Her first birthday is not a finish line to these firsts, but the starting line of better and bigger things ahead.

As Mosi turned one, Mommy Maja is even more excited to see her other milestones unfold.

"I am eager to see Mosi interact more with her Ate Yuna, who has been an only child for 10 years. Seeing them play, read, and learn together is a blessing! I am also excited to see how God will direct her path, mold her character, and use her talents for His glory." Mommy Maja

Mosi’s first birthday was a celebration of many things, but a celebration of God’s goodness in their family’s life most of all. From the onset, Mommy Maja and Daddy James decided to dedicate Mosi to the Lord on her first birthday, which made the day even more anticipated.

It’s a family affair. 

In between nappy changes, breastfeeding, and looking after their baby, there’s hardly ever a time parents find themselves in the company of their family to bond, catch up, and just have fun. Their child’s first birthday party is the best day for them to indulge in the presence of their extended family.

This is no less true for Mommy Maja and Daddy James who welcomed all the help they could get to make Mosi’s party unforgettable.

"It was a family affair! Mosi may not remember what happened, but we have stories to tell her when she grows up such as how Daddy James organized a beautiful program, how Mommy Maja designed her party, how her siblings danced, sang, and played the guitar for her, and how lola concocted special dishes according to her birthday theme. The whole event was filmed which means we can enjoy watching it over and over again."  Mommy Maja

“It was Mosi’s Lola, Chef Laura Martinez, who came up with the complete menu lineup for her apo’s birthday. Her inspiration came from Mosi’s name – Hermosa Filipina. She served Filipino and Mexican cuisine to complete Mosi’s fiesta themed party. Some of what we served were Balot, Bibingka, Sisig Cones, Laing Tempura, Prawn Sinigang, Lechon Belly, Samalamig, and a wide variety of Mexican food.” Mommy Maja

Needless to say, the menu in Mosi’s first birthday was no ordinary lineup. As Head Chef and Grandmother in one in this celebration, Chef Laura ensured that the mixture of old and new dishes would be part of every guest’s immersive experience of Filipino-Mexican culture, and of their family values of passion and excellence.

Prawn Sinigang
Sisig in Crispy Cones
Samalamig station
Carnitas de Pollo Mulitas
Nachos Chips
Lechon Belly
Mexican Chili Con Carne in Fried Waffles
Homemade Suman with Chocolate
Naked Cake

It's a chance to give back.

It takes a village to raise a child, and another village to prepare for her first birthday party in this scale and grandeur.

Mommy Maja has her family to thank for helping her raise a healthy and happy toddler in Mosi, and her second family at Passion Cooks for bringing their vision of a Filipino-Mexican celebration to life.

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Mosi’s First Birthday Celebration Food and Styling: Passion Cooks | Attire: Boy Kastner Santos | Program Director: Daddy James Laforteza | Event Host: Kaila Palos at Majo CusiLights and Sounds: Joseph G. Matheu | Coordination: Kiss The Girl EventsPhotography:JB Delgado | Event Venue: The Blue Leaf Events PavilionVideo: Joseph Andal

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