The Secret to Serving Budget-Friendly Healthy Meals Has Been Right in Front of Us All Along

Serve healthy and your budget is stretched. Serve economical and convenient, and your health deteriorates. Now how does healthy, economy, and convenience meet on the dining tables of Filipino families at this time of skyrocketing commodity prices?

Surprisingly, the answer has been in front of us all along: farm-fresh produce delivered to your doorstep!

It’s not only hassle-free, sustainable, and budget-friendly. Shopping farm fresh produce also allows you to help local farmers improve their lives while feeding your family nutritious meals.

If you want to get started on shopping with an advocacy without straining your budget, here are five online groceries you can consider:

The Secret to Serving Budget-Friendly Healthy Meals Has Been Right in Front of Us All Along

Fresh Produce

“Groceries at your fingertips.”

Fresh Produce didn’t only acknowledge the gap between the farm and the table – they responded to it. Offering next day delivery and wholesale and retail vegetables and fruits, eggs, rice, and other essentials, their team personally handpicks fresh produce and takes care of its distribution. This way, farmers don’t have to think about who buys their harvest!

They also supply fresh produce to businesses, restaurants, and parties, and their services go beyond delivering fresh food to your doorstep. They also nourish the mind as they educate people with facts about food, nutrition, and health – a concrete step supporting their belief that “Health is Wealth.”

Good Food Community

Supporting a community while nourishing your family is possible, thanks to initiatives like Good Food Community. It’s simple: you subscribe to their harvest, and farmers receive the stable income they deserve for their families.

They pride in their “shorter food supply chain,” which allows fruit to ripen on stems at a longer time. In this process, no produce is forced to ripen which means that they are safer, fresher, and more palatable.

You may avail of their farmshare or subscription through Gulay Pambahay or Small Tampipi, or you can build your own box of fruits and vegetables straight from Mt. Province, Capas, Tarlac, Daraitan, Rizal, or La Trinidad, Benguet among others!

May Ani

Excess Harvest Pakyawan, Tipid Deal of the Week, and The Grand Bagsakan are just three of the regular posts you’ll need to keep an eye out for when you’re a patron of Mayani. With produce at marked down prices, you’re sure to get the best value for your family budget.

Their operations also center on making more empowered farmers so their toil is not put to waste. Giving households fresh produce at affordable price points while boosting rural incomes is a reality they want to see through their technology-driven innovations.

Watch out for their price list and see how fruits and vegetables can frequent your dining table in the days and weeks to come.


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Rural Rising PH

You might have seen a social media post in the past about tomato rescue buys. It is Rural Rising (RuRi) PH’s mission to help and uplift distressed farmers through avoiding farmer harvest dump.

You may partake of their mission by availing Farmer’s Basket, or “a little bit of everything” produce weighing six kilos. What’s in the basket will vary according to what’s available, an encouragement for you and your family to be creative with your meal planning and preparation! If six kilos is too much for you to keep at a certain time, you may avail of the 3 kilo-basket instead.

While you can always order online, they also have walk-in stations: one in Avida Towers, Reliance Street, Makati, and another near Alabang Town Center, beside Alabang Health Center.

Session Groceries

To give farmers dignity while delivering their quality produce to consumers is the heart of Session Groceries. Understanding the plight of farmers who work tirelessly, they took the marketing load off the farmers’ shoulders so they can focus on their work.

If its name rings a bell, that’s because this initiative is from Session Road, Baguio City.

There’s a wide array of produce you can shop here – green ice lettuce and strawberries included!

With their operations, they remain true to their belief that Session Groceries “not a business, but an advocacy.”


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