Instagram Accounts That Parents Swear By

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

As I grow up being a mother side by side with my toddler, I find myself fully appreciating this proverb. I consider myself blessed for having family members and friends whom I can quickly ask for advice in taking care of my daughter.

But what’s more amazing is that this village can extend beyond family and friends. Through the help of social media, we are able to tap onto Facebook groups and Instagram accounts. These platforms allow us to seek tips and tricks, read relatable experiences from fellow parents, and even ask questions from experts.

And so because sharing is caring, I asked some moms for Instagram accounts that they rely on and can happily call their virtual village.

Instagram Accounts That Parents Swear By

For feeding

One of the IG accounts I really swear by is Solid Starts (@solidstarts). Their account is chock full of important information about baby-led weaning, dealing with allergens, and preventing picky eating.


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For mommy Kzee, she finds TriDereka Hall’s (@myblackgirlroots) vegan toddler account helpful for food ideas for her plant-based family.

Another food-related account is Kids Eat In Color (, recommended by mommy Joen. Managed by a nutritionist, it gives a glimpse on how to encourage kids to eat veggies successfully and how to achieve balanced eating for children.

For toddler activities

Sometimes, playing with toys is just not enough for our toddlers. You have to think of unique activities that would entertain them and keep them occupied for hours. One of my go-to accounts for toddler activities is Busy Toddler (@busytoddler). The page, managed by former teacher Susie Allison, rounds up simple yet fun things to do for toddlers up to even the bigger kids.

Mommy Kat recommends Days with Grey (@dayswithgrey). Managed by Beth, a mom to three boys, this Instagram account gives parents ideas for simple, low-prep activities. It’s an ideal resource for activities to keep kids busy and buy time for their grown-ups to do their own tasks.

For understanding toddler behavior

Every parent goes through the season of toddlerhood, where big feelings and power struggles abound. One page that most moms recommend is @biglittlefeelings, where everything between dealing with tantrums to handling potty training is discussed. As mommy Joen points out, it’s a toddler account but their lessons on emotions apply to all ages.

Another one is @nurturedfirst, an account that gives parents techniques on how to approach their kids with a nurturing mindset whenever there’s unwanted behavior.

Mommy Apol swears by the Instagram account @transformingtoddlerhood when it comes to understanding toddler emotions, relationships, and even parenting responses.

For health and safety

As parents, we’re all for the safety and security of our children. For mommy Molly, she uses Dr. Joanna Cuayo-Estanislao’s (@pediadocjoey) IG page as a reference for pediatric concerns such as dealing with fevers, first-aid interventions, and even child behavior.

Safety also comes in the form of protecting our children from unwanted predators. Teaching children as early as their toddler years about consent will allow them to be prepared and learn how they can remove themselves from abusive situations. Thankfully there are Instagram accounts like @consentparenting that teach parents about body safety and also online safety.

Do you also have Instagram accounts or other social media resources that you swear by? Sound off in the comments and let’s make our virtual village even wider!

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