This Patisserie Themed Gender Reveal Strays Away from the Usual Pink and Blue

Instead of the usual pink vs blue gender reveal theme, the Fongs threw a Patisserie themed gender reveal instead. The curated details in this celebration are noteworthy–from the welcome ice cream cones, to the green and pink balloons in the venue. What a fun and pretty way to announce to their families that Baby Roman is coming! Pick out your favorite detail from this set by Oh Hello Studios.

Venue: Farm de Francisco | Stylist: Jhei Capati | Caterers: Chefanie PH, Lolaima | Dress: Glen Canlas | Photo: Oh Hello Studios by Toto X Nicolai | Prints: St. Francis Printing Press | Macarons: Purple Butter | Ribbons: Ribbons and Designs by RJK3 | Host: Ian Bencio David, Carmi Joice Maniago | Entertainment: Pot Sembrano

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