5 Ways to Baby-Proof Your Bedroom

As much as we would love to be around our babies every single time of the day, there are these few windows of time where they might be left unsupervised. Curiosity may lead him or her to explore every space of the bedroom and get his or her hands on anything that might seem interesting. There are lots of potential child hazards around the bedroom, even those things which seem relatively harmless. Here are some tips to give you peace of mind and help you keep your bedroom safe for your baby.

5 Ways to Baby-Proof Your Bedroom

Move the Bed
Consider putting your mattress on the floor, so the bed will be as close to the ground as possible. There are also side rails available which can help prevent your baby from accidentally rolling out of bed.

No footwear inside the bedroom
Babies are naturally curious and they tend to crawl a lot. Keeping the bedroom clear of shoes and slippers not only prevents the baby from accidentally getting hold and playing with one, but also helps in preventing dust from the outside being brought inside the room.

Be extra cautious with electrical outlets and cords
Electrical outlets and cords are one of the biggest hazards to your baby. As you know, it’s very easy for a child to insert something in an open outlet or bite down on a hanging cord. Buy outlet covers or caps┬áto prevent these any accidents.

Lay down mats for soft landing
Whether your baby is still crawling or they’re already starting to learn how to walk, they may be a little clumsy and fall around a lot. It may be adorable to see them try to learn their first skills but this could also cause a lot of bruises. You can provide soft landing spots for them to help them learn without getting hurt.

Secure drapery
As harmless as they look, even draperies like curtains and shades might be a choking hazard for babies. You can replace low hanging draperies with ones that are out of the babies reach. Pull cords for the drapes and blinds must be secured and fastened high up to be far from reach.

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