How to Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Your baby’s first birthday celebration is bound to be special and so meaningful even if only the adults will get to remember the occasion! A first birthday is still a milestone worth having a party over whether intimate or grand. It has been a year full of incredible changes in your life as a family – a year of growth, giggles, tears, changing sleep cycles, diaper changes, and so much more. So, go on and celebrate! To give you a helping hand, here are some tips for throwing a memorable first birthday party.

Determine How Many Guests You Want to Invite
The safest choice for now is to have an intimate gathering with family members only and a few close friends. It would be great if you could invite relatives and friends who have babies, too! If it’s safer to hold a celebration with 50 guests or more, then why not share the joy with a bigger group of people you love. But it would also be good to remember that since your baby is still only a year old, they could still be overwhelmed by having too many people around. So, you might want to consider a small guest list at least for a first birthday.

Girl Parties: A Dainty Tea Party at Home for Finlee / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings

Be Creative with Décor and Styling
Event styling services are available to make your party even more delightful. Your baby might not have specific favorite characters or colors yet, but having a beautiful setup will definitely look great in photographs! And wouldn’t photos be amazing keepsakes, too? You don’t even need to surround your entire space or venue with decorations. You can focus on table styling or an area where you can create a backdrop for photo ops!

Girl Parites: A Limoncello-Themed Affair for Harper’s Intimate Birthday Party / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings

Baby-Proof Your Venue
Make sure there aren’t choking hazards lying around or small objects babies can easily put in their mouths. Keep breakable items out of reach, too. If you’re having your party at home, you can also put safety gates in place especially on staircases. It would also be a good idea to have a clean area for diaper changing and breastfeeding if you’re inviting other parents with babies.

Family Shoots: A Homey Pre-Birthday Family Shoot for Marco / Photographer: MC Project

Consider Nap Time
Timing is key. Take into consideration your baby’s nap times and hold your party around that schedule or in between morning and afternoon naps. The last thing you want is having a tired, cranky baby at their own birthday party! But let’s say your guests are mostly available in the evening or late afternoon only, you can also adjust your baby’s nap schedule if possible.

Boy Parties: Fly Away with Trey Baron in His Paper Airplane Themed First Birthday Party / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings

Have a Baby-Friendly Play Area
No need to stress about party games unless you’re also inviting a bunch of older kids. If your guests are mostly adults and babies, then you can opt for a simpler activity like setting up a play area for the little ones. Have an area where you can place a soft mat, safety gates, and lots of plushie toys. You can simply leave your baby here to play on their own.

Girl Parties: A Fun and Fruity Celebration for Arya’s First Birthday / Photographer: Oh Callie Studio

Plan the Menu
At the age of one, you can serve babies tiny sandwiches or lightly toasted bread, and maybe some pasta spirals. Fresh fruit is also a good idea! You can also serve soft cubes of cheese, and small pieces of well-cooked veggies. Always keep food allergies in mind, too! You might want to avoid dishes with eggs and nuts. For the adults, you can consider serving finger food, like tea sandwiches, sliders, or petit fours for dessert. If the timing of your party coincides with lunch or dinner, consider full course meals. Hiring a caterer may be a more convenient option as well because you’ll already be busy keeping an eye on your baby while entertaining guests.

Boy Parties: Fly Away with Trey Baron in His Paper Airplane Themed First Birthday Party / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings

Surprise Your Baby with a Smash Cake
It’s fun to get a little messy especially if cake and frosting are involved! Smash cakes are always a popular choice for first birthdays because babies can get to enjoy digging into them with their tiny little hands. You can have another cake for the adults or you can also give away cupcakes.

Styled Shoots: Take a Look at Asher’s Awesome Cake Smash and Toy Collection / Photographer: Pram and Cradle

Enjoy the Party!
The most important reminder of all is to have fun and cherish the moment! This is a memory you’d love to look back on for years to come. It’s a celebration of life and love. You might have already heard of the saying that goes, “the nights are long but the years are short.” So make every second count!

Girl Parties: A Limoncello-Themed Affair for Harper’s First Birthday Party / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings
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