Enjoy Sweet Macarons in Tasha’s French-Inspired Baptismal Reception!

Macarons, anyone? Tasha’s Baptismal reception will delight your sweet tooth thanks to the dessert buffet full of cookies, cupcakes, and a gorgeous tiered cake, complete with an Eiffel Tower topper! Not to mention, the giveaways are throw pillows in the shape of macarons, how cute is that? The bright hues of pink, purple, blue, and green make this party almost as adorable as Tasha herself! The colors are just so refreshing to see and the aesthetic of the whole event is quite fancy too! If you’re planning your little girl’s Baptismal reception, get some inspiration here as you scroll through this set from Maria Andrea Photography.

Enjoy Sweet Macarons in Tasha's French-Inspired Baptismal Reception!


Photographer: Maria Andrea Photography / Venue: Lucas Studios / Cake Baker: Box of Sweets by Punky Porca / Event Stylist: Styled by Deiz

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