How Parents Deal with Their Kids in Quarantine

Apart from keeping ourselves, our families, and our community safe, this quarantine period also means having to deal with children’s demands for most parents. From entertaining crazy requests and engaging in out-of-this-world ideas, parents sure do have a lot to juggle in their hands in a time like this! Rest assured you’re not alone, moms and dads. Here’s a couple of parents from the internet who also had to deal with this kind of craziness and got creative with it!

How Parents Deal with Their Kids in Quarantine

This mom came up with a "Chore Store", where her little one can get "money" after completing a certain task after which they can purchase a treat from the "store"!

Source: Stephanie Craig


Homeschooling didn't turn out as expected for this mom with her kids! Although, the gang surely looked adorable.

Source: ksmascasa


Gyms are closed? No problem! It only takes one strong dad to carry these two little girls!

Source: stretchasmile


American writer Curtis Sittenfield's kids had just one simple request: for her to wear her wedding dress during tea time! I mean, how can you say no to that?

Source: Curtis Sittenfield


These kids got a little too creative...while their mom faces The Chore of The Lifetime.

Source: Kenz Munson


This dad's homeschooling session didn't turn out as planned either as it quickly became a roller skating party for the girls!

Source: Cory Childs


Hiding from kids? This dad's got it covered!

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Well, we all know who's the boss now...


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Lockdown Blues ๐Ÿงจ

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They grow up so fast... *sniff*

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Like father, like daughter...

Source: Nikki Garcia

"This lockdown is taking so long, I'm gonna end up getting out of the house as a man!"


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this lockdown is taking so long i’m gunna end up getting out of the house as a man

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She needs to go out ASAP...

Mom brushed Summer’s hair and she started asking everyone.

How do you like my hair, Pappy?
Dad: pretty!

How do you like my hair, ate?
Sister: beautiful!

How do you like my hair, mommy?
Mom: It’s lovely!

How do you like my hair, Summer?
Summer: Oh wait that’s me! I think I need to go out.


"You should be more busy with your kids, not your friends!"

Source: E News

This professor's son knows that age knows no bounds...

Source: E News

What are some of your favorite parenting styles during this quarantine? Share with us below!

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