Here’s How You Can Manage and Organize Your Kid’s Toys At Home

Oh, toys! Every kid loves them! And with all the colors, sounds, and special features one toy can have, it’s no wonder children want to have a lot of them! Our kids will take their toys anywhere–be it to school, inside the car, to the playground–and of course, they’ll leave them lying everywhere around the house. So when you take a look at all of these trinkets and playthings scattered around, you probably wonder: Is it really possible to manage and organize the pile of toys you have at home? Well, here are some ways to do just that!

Here's How You Can Manage and Organize Your Kid's Toys At Home

Designate a play area

Toys can easily get out of control when you don’t have a dedicated area for them. So make sure you have a designated space just for toys! It can either be a playroom where your kids can play around or something as simple as a corner of their bedroom. Although the toys will definitely not stay in the same spot forever, at the end of the day when it’s time to tidy up, they all go neatly in the same place.


Sort and store similar toys together

Group items that are similar together so that every toy has a place. Dolls and stuffed toys can go in one bin, musical instruments in another, all the vehicle toys together–you get the picture. You can place them preferably in clear containers so you can easily see the toys inside. But if you have non-clear boxes or bins, attach a photo of your toy category on the container so you and your kids can tell right away where each toy goes.


Maximize your storage and space

Whether it’s fabric storage bins, shoe boxes, drawers, or clear plastic containers, you can definitely find a case for your toys that’ll suit your preference for storage. Make the most all the space you have at home, too. You might be surprised to find that (maybe with a little moving stuff around) there are plenty of spots to consider for storing your kid’s toys.


Donate old or unused toys

You may notice that some of your kid’s toys are just too worn-out to keep and those toys that look brand new could just seem that way because your child rarely plays with them. So instead of storing them or finding a place for them at home, why not get rid of the toys that are in bad condition and donate the ones that other kids could use? This way, you get to spread happiness to others and have that much needed space for other things too!


Start a toy rotating system

In reality, kids don’t need to have a lot of toys all at once. Too many toys can actually be overwhelming for them and they may not be able to focus or be more creative with play. One way to address toy overload is toy rotation. Start by grouping toys into different categories like moving toys (cars, balls), thinking toys (puzzles, board games), and play pretend toys (kitchen set, lego).

Then, bring out one set of toys at a time for your kid to play with and keep the rest stored and out of sight. Rotate each set every few weeks. Organizing your toys this way could even help you spot which toys are broken and which ones


Teach your kids to pack away

As they say, start them young! Show your kids how to pack their toys away and put them in the proper places. Make this a habit after every playtime so that when they’re old enough, they’ll know how to clean up and organize their toys by themselves. Your kids will also get to understand the value of discipline and cleanliness, while you’ll get to focus on other things–a win-win for both!


Ask friends for alternative gifts

Whenever birthdays or the Christmas season comes around, your friends will surely start to ask what toy your child would like to get. Try telling them that you’d like your little one to receive a gift of experience instead and that gift passes or certificates would definitely come in handy!

Whether it’s a coupon for unlimited play in your kid’s favorite indoor playground, a ticket to interact with animals at the zoo, or even a way to spend a day at the farm, these experiences will definitely add to your kid’s collection of memories. After all, a great memory with plenty of laughing and learning is always worth more than any toy in the long run.

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