Take a Look at Apollo’s Roaring Jurassic Themed Birthday!

Don’t forget to wear your safety helmet and get ready for an adventure because Apollo’s birthday party is taking us back in time to Jurassic Park! Seeing all the dinosaur details from the decorations to the snacks, we surely questioned if dinosaurs are really extinct. Explore the land from a long time ago and see all the Jurassic fun for your self through these snaps by Connor Pablo Studio.

Take a Look at Apollo's Roaring Jurassic Themed Birthday!

What we’re digging:

  • Safety helmets were given to each little explorer, getting them ready for this fun party.    
  • From dangers and warning signs to dinosaurs everywhere, these decors gave me goosebumps with how real life they looked. Kudos to JAREM Parties & Events!
  • Wait! There was a real life snake?! That really made me feel more like I was in Jurassic Park myself! Kuya Mackie of Mackie Party really got the kids excited to see some real animals.
  • And it doesn’t end there! The cute loot bags and water jugs were cool and useful reminders of the great adventure that all of Apollo’s guests had at his party!

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Photographer: Connor Pablo Studio/ Videographer: The Second Shooter/ Makeup Artist: Ellen Susas/ Event Stylist: JAREM Parties & Events/ Coordinator: Big Pink Productions/ Cake: Queen Spatula/ Venue: Betty’s Sansrival Restaurant Mom’s/ Entertainment: Kuya Mackie of Mackie Party/ Souvenirs: Sew Fab Shop/ Box of Loot Bags: Kembot’s Graphic Design & Crafts

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