5 Budget-Friendly Weekend Spots For Your Fun-Loving Family

When you only have 48 hours each week and a limited budget available for you to have fun with your family, it’s always best to prioritize activities and spots that will not take away too much from your quality time. Going to Baguio or Tagaytay may not always be a financially viable option, so it’s always best to keep your eye out for activities that won’t take too much of an effort to achieve. There are always other spots you can choose from where you and your kids can still have a memorable time, without having to sacrifice your weekly budget too much. Check out some options below!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 5 Budget-Friendly Weekend Spots for Your Fun-Loving Family


1. Go for a quick jog and a picnic under the acacia trees at the University of the Philippines.

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Since city folks are sadly deprived of proper parks and picnic areas, the open fields within the state university are free for use for all Filipinos. It’s not uncommon to see families and groups hanging out under the acacia trees with picnic blankets, frisbees, and packed food during mornings and afternoons on weekends. Why not squeeze in a light and fun brisk-walking, jogging, or biking activity along the Academic Oval and end the day with your family’s favorite snacks? You can also buy from local vendors that sell your childhood faves, such as sorbetes, rice cakes, taho, and more.


2. See rare animals on your way to or from a trip up North!

Photo via Zoo World PH

It might not be as popular as other zoos in and out of Metro Manila, but Zoo World Philippines in San Fernando, Pampanga should be quite a surprise for animal lovers. Located at a gas station compound on NLEX Southbound, this zoo houses rarely seen wildlife, such as white lions, brown bears, hyenas, and various types of monkeys and birds, among others. For less than 200 pesos, you will be able to spend an hour or two admiring ferocious and beautiful animals up close.


3. Conquer a beginner’s wall together. 

Photo via Climb Central Manila

For a minimal fee, you and your kids can scale a wall together at Climb Central Manila in Greenfield, or Power Up in Tandang Sora. The fee covers necessary equipment such as shoes, harnesses, and even the instructor’s fees. This might be daunting at first, but if you support each other, you can easily reach the top in no time! Make sure a high-five and a hug is always ready for the first one to conquer their fear of heights!


4. Take a bamboo bike ecotour in Intramuros.

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If you want to take your family for a fun yet educational weekend, head on over to Intramuros and sign up a bamboo bike tour. The tour usually lasts for two and a half hours, but you can also opt for one hour express. For a fee of 600 to 1,200 pesos, you can get an eco-friendly bamboo bike, helmet, bottled water, and covered entrance fees. You can choose which places you can visit, and easily hop on and off at each stop to take pictures and reel in the history.


5. Go on a food trip!

Photo via Greenfield District

Save yourself the hours of travel time due to traffic, and do a food trip at a weekend market such as the weekly Greenfield Weekend Market at the Greenfield District Central Park in Mandaluyong. You can sample a wide array of local cuisine while the kids run around at a nearby field. This will allow you and your kids to get your fill of playtime and #foodoftheday posts.


The most important factor is to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you will opt for activities that will take you out of town or just within the city, it will always be best to prioritize those that will bring you closer to one another.


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