9 Food Carts That You Can Book For Your Kid’s Party

A party isn’t complete without good food! So to make your party planning easier, we’ve rounded up nine food carts that you can consider for your little one’s birthday celebration! Yup, view our list below, and prepare your tummies, cause this list is going to be filled with delicious stuff!


1. Twirl

Hosting a dainty party? Celebrate with your favorite cotton candy! Queensland Catering recently launched Twirl, their cotton candy food cart, and it looks like such a fun addition to any kiddie party! This will surely be a hit for your celebration!

Photo: Queensland Catering

Contact: (02) 826-7791


2. Spud Buds

Want to try something new? Check out Spud Buds! Their menu consists of cool new ways to eat potatoes, like Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips, Potacos (potato tacos), Shoestring Potatoes, and Potato Skins. The kids will love this for sure!

Spud Buds
Photo: Mara and Mike Photography

Contact: (0917) 843-7006


3. Bono Gelato

If your kids want to have gelato instead of ice cream for their birthday, you can consider Bono Gelato! They offer cool new flavors like Milo Dinosaur and Kooky Monster, which your little tots will surely adore.

Photo: Harry Lim Photography

Contact: (02) 551-0587


4. Pizza Pedrico’s

If you’re hosting a fun and casual celebration, you might want to check out Pizza Pedrico’s. They offer pocket-size pizzas in cute packages–this is a great idea for snacks during a fun get-together.

Photo: Ivy Tuason Photography

Contact: (0946) 569-2717


5. Candy Corner

All kids love candy! (And even some adults too!) So you might want to check out this amazing candy buffet provided by Candy Corner. They offer 10-16 varieties of candies that will surely be a hit. And why not? It’s sugar!

Photo: Candy Corner

Contact: (02) 632-0379


6. Nacho King

Nacho King is a favorite for both kids and (kids at heart), because they serve cheesy nachos with a choice of jalapenos, ground beef, salsa, and chili beef. This can be a great idea for a Cinco de Mayo themed celebration, or even if you just want some nachos.

Photo: Studio 629

Contact: (0917) 873-9933


7. Ice Pops Manila

Here’s one way to beat the heat! Your little ones will enjoy yummy ice pops that come in summery flavors like Strawberry Yogurt, Orange Sunburst, and Mango Milkshake! Chocolate lover? No problem, they have a Nutella Pop flavor too.

Photo: Mara and Mike Photography

Contact: (0908) 888-4134


8. Merry Moo

We scream for ice cream! You and your guests can cool off this summer with Merry Mo’s variety of fun flavors like Sea Salt Caramel, Candied Bacon, Cheesy Mamon, and Avocado.

Photo: Delightful Little Darlings

Contact: (02) 633-3601


9. Bucky’s Not a Brownie

If you’re going for an outdoor party, make Bucky’s part of your decor with their stylish rustic cart. Plus, they serve soft serve ice cream and coffee, so both kids and adults can enjoy!

Photo: Bucky’s Not a Brownie

Contact: (0917) 844-5104


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