This Amazing Furniture Piece Can Be Transformed to Store Almost Everything You Need at Home!

What if you found a piece of furniture that can be used as a shelf, desk, closet, cubbyhole, and more? I mean, just think about how much space you’ll be saving! We can all do with a little bit more space in our lives, right? Just think, if all the toys and books on the floor can be kept in an easy to store place that can also serve as your kids’ desk–who wouldn’t want that? Well, we’ve have this amazing find for you! Check out how this amazing furniture piece can be used to maximize your space in a modern and stylish way.

You can use it as a shelf for your kids’ room

I love how it can keep the toys and books. And do you see how they’re stacked on top of each other? That means more space! And don’t you think the colors make the space look fun and vibrant?


As a desk for your home office

Wouldn’t you like a home office as organized as this one? I sure would! Plus, I want a desk that matches my shelves!


And even a cabinet for the master’s bedroom!

Let’s face it mommies, we need extra space for our wardrobe! (Even an area for hanging our clothes!)


You can also use it as cubbyhole shelves for the foyer

This is perfect for those living in a condo or apartment–you can store bags, shoes, and other random catchalls. Plus, (again) I just love how you can stack them up!


A shelf in the bathroom

Say goodbye to a cluttered bathroom! This stackable shelf is great for keeping your towels and toiletries clean and organized.


Or you can consider using it as a console table for your living room

This white modular piece can store speakers, CDs, and other audio-visual products. And if you need more space, you can transform it into a coffee table too!


Or even a shelf for the play area!

The open shelves make it easy for the little ones to access their toys and books! And you even have the option to leave it open or add doors to keep it closed.

Aren’t these modular units cool? If you think you would love to have these at your home, then you must consider checking out Simply Modular Furniture System! 

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