6 Ideas On How to Make Your Maternity Shoot Look Incredible!

Congrats, momma-to-be! Soon, you’ll get to carry and cuddle your little one, and we’re so excited for you! If you’re planning a maternity shoot to celebrate this beautiful and unforgettable moment of your life, read up our list of insightful ideas below that can help you. Have a happy Wednesday, momma!


1. Keep it natural.

Choose a simple peg that’s relaxed and au natural! Since you’re expecting, it’s nice to go for a shoot that’s easy and effortless, so it can highlight you and your little bun in the oven.

[Photo: Metrophoto]


2. Find the best location.

Your location will serve as the backdrop of your photos, so be sure to choose a place that’s comfy and stylish! If you prefer shooting indoors, you can shoot in a pretty corner at your house, or even inside a restaurant that has artsy interiors! And if you’re the sporty or adventurous type, you can even shoot at your neighborhood park!

[Photo: Nicolai Melicor]


3. Display your ultrasound photos in a fun way.

We’re sure you’re looking forward to that selfie with your newborn. But since he or she is still in your tummy, why not use your ultrasound photos for the shoot? It will look pretty awesome!

[Photo: J Lucas Reyes]

4. Make use of cool and witty props.

If you want a fun and entertaining shoot, use witty quotes and props to make your maternity shoot stand out. You can even ask a calligrapher to create customized designs for you!

[Photo: Nicolai Melicor]


5. Wear an ensemble that complements your bump.

Make your shoot more enjoyable by wearing something cozy and chic. Go for a flowy skirt or a tight-fitting dress to accentuate your curves, and you’ll totally look on point!

[Photo: Catilo Photography]


6. Cherish each moment, and have fun!

The whole point of your shoot is to celebrate your baby’s life. Be ready to have some fun while smiling and posing, cause it’s going to be a keepsake worth remembering!

[Photo: Nicolai Melicor]

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