Rockin’ Little Lady

Bring out your guitars and drum sticks, ’cause today, we’re gonna have a rockin’ birthday bash! Cadence turns the smashin’ age of 7 with a wild concert in town! Line up and grab yourself an invite–I heard this concert’s going to be a head bangin’ blast! Well, for all the folks missin’ out on this once in a lifetime experience, don’t fret ’cause we’veĀ got it all on camera!

What we’re digging:

  • Who said girls don’t know how to have fun? This theme’s oozing with girl power! Go for it, Cadence!
  • The ceiling decor isĀ something fit for the stars! A+++ for Party Magic‘s job well done!
  • Anyone up for 15 minutes of fame? Well, head on down to this party’s stage! Complete with a band set-up and microphone stands–who would’t feel like a rockstar here?!
  • Those stuffed guitar giveaways are bound to make anyone feel like a concert diva when they get home!

Event Stylist: Party Magic / Dessert: Chef Nikki of Simply Paris / Venue: Greenhills West Clubhouse

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